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STC Startec is a reliable supplier of wide range of quality bearing products to target industries since 2017.

Our mission is to serve our customers and partners with the highest level satisfaction bringing quality and affordable products that reduce total operating expense. We supply promised performance and deliver value.

Our advantages

Reliable contract manufacturers


Numerous factories

We have more than 30 contract manufacturers. That allow us to supply wide variety of bearings to almost all types of industries.


Specialized production

The majority of our manufacturers have narrow specialized production that allow them to focus on one type of bearings thus keep higher quality level of the final product.


Experienced manufacturers

We work only with well established manufacturers which have extensive knowledge of making high quality bearing products and meet all required ISO standards.

We truly believe in continuous improvement, growing as a company, and treating people with respect. We use our knowledge to make target industries work better.

Wide variety of bearings for wide range of needs



We offer bearings with different precision classes which suited for any types of equipments, thus allowing our clients to choose the product according to their technical needs and budget.



All bearings poduced by our contractors are subjected to strict quality control. We value our reputation and reputation of our customers and partners.



The range of our products is not limited to the standard types of bearings. Our manufacturers have technical capacity to produce custom design bearings and precise analogues of uncommon bearings from other manufacturers.

Value, Quality and Variety are all in our DNA.

We are trusted by Industry Experts

Including but not limited to:


Major agricultural machinery and equipment maintenance and repair service centers.


Construction equipment rental companies.


Premier power tool repair centers


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