Bearings for Special Machinery

Construction Machinery

     Construction equipment used in harsh environments risk contamination from dust, mud, and huge loads, and require a certain degree of ruggedness that is different from the requirements of a common passenger vehicle. Such conditions require bearings with special specifications. These bearings provide long life and higher limiting speeds exceeding that of conventional bearings.    

 The construction industry requires high performance equipment for efficiently carrying out construction projects. To achieve and ensure this efficiency, construction equipment manufacturers consequently expect suitable solutions from their suppliers.

Agricultural Machinery

     In addition to the high mechanical loads associated with many agricultural engineering applications, adverse operating environments play a major role here. As well as moisture, the whole drive systems of agricultural field machines in particular are exposed to contamination.
     In the case of sandy soils, for example, this contamination is also highly abrasive. In addition some of the materials distributed by the machines – such as fertiliser or liquid manure – can be extremely corrosive.
     In response to this, a series of bearings was mdeveloped specifically for applications in this field.

Today’s agricultural industry demand is higher than ever for products that will keep the farmers equipment in the field, operating continuously. Farmers are operating equipment longer, faster and harder and will continue to push the boundaries to increase production.

Commonly Used Bearing Types

• Cylindrical roller bearings
• Angular contact ball bearings
• Spherical roller bearings
• Tapered roller bearings
• Deep groove ball bearing
• Bearing units


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